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£75,000 Raised for The Christie at Macclesfield!

Posted on August 17th, 2021

Along with your help, Since September 2020 Seddon Homes has been raising money for the new Christie at Macclesfield. We’re proud to have now passed the £75,000 mark but we still have a long way to go to help this great cause. So as we continue on our journey to fight cancer we take a look at the reasons why The Christie is so important and what Seddon Homes is doing to help.


Why has The Christie opened a new centre in Macclesfield


The Christie is already one of the largest hospital charities in the UK. Recognised as leading experts in cancer care, research and education The Christie’s first centre which is located in Manchester treats over 44,000 patients a year, 96% of which rated their care at least an 8/10. However, for patients living in East Cheshire, it can be a long journey to receive care. As I am sure you will appreciate this can be a laborious journey when battling cancer.

To improve care for their patients, The Christie undertook the task of raising £23 million for the construction of a new centre in Macclesfield. This will allow Christie Patients to receive outstanding care, closer to home. The Christie at Macclesfield will accommodate a total of 46,000 patient visits a year. The Christie at Macclesfield benefits patients from Cheshire, the High Peak and parts of North Staffordshire who can now receive treatment closer to home. Having opened it’s doors in 2022 we are proud to continue to fund the Christie.


What makes this such an important cause for Seddon


The Christie has a massive impact within the area that Seddon Homes operates. As such we are proud to have been long-term supporters of The Christie and the treatment it offers. When the Director of Seddon Construction, Nicola Hodkinson was diagnosed with cancer in 2019 The Christie provided her treatment. Living in Macclesfield she had a 45-minute commute to The Christie centre making her appreciate the benefit that this new treatment centre will have on people’s lives.

Cancer has impacted the lives of many people and doing our bit to help those affected is something that everyone at Seddon can get behind.


What we are doing to help


We are supporting The Christie with your help. For every Seddon Home sold between September 1st 2020 until December 31st 2022 we will donate £250 on your behalf. This has given us the target of raising £175,000.

Beyond this, we are continuing to fundraise for The Christie in a diverse range of ways. In 2021 a number of the Seddon team took on challenges to fundraise for the Christie including two members of The Seddon team raising over £4,500 by taking part in a charity skydive. This year we are stepping up the fundraising and the Seddon staff have committed to taking on 125 fundraising challenges throughout the year!

We will continue to look for ways to support this great cause for years to come and reaching the £75,000 milestone is a great motivator to keep going on this goal. If you want to find out more you can head to our Christie At Macclesfield page or read Nicola’s story about treatment at The Christie.

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