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Why buy a new build home – High specification build quality

Posted on February 26th, 2016

Don’t settle for second best…

The main reason why people buy a new build home is that they know everything in their home is brand new, untouched by previous owners and won’t require any updating or upgrading. With a high specification finish throughout, each Seddon home follows the same ethos which has been with the Seddon Homes brand since the beginning.

The quality of homes are built in keeping with the area at all Seddon Homes’ developments across the North West, Midlands and Yorkshire. Here are just a few reasons why each new build Seddon home stand out from the crowd and are the best option when looking to buy a property.

Finishing touches 
The finishing touches in Seddon homes differ slightly between each house type and development, but a high end finish can be seen throughout as standard. From the lounge, to the kitchen to the, bedroom and bathroom, we understand that the small details make a house into your new home.

You will see beautifully finished walls whether that be painted, wallpapered or tiled, integrated appliances that you may not expect in a new build home and fixtures and fittings that really will bring your home to life.

Imagine moving straight into a home and not having to worry about patching up walls, upgrading the electrics or buying new windows to name just a few potential issues! You’ll save yourself money and time if you buy new, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your stylish new home.

Latest appliances 
When it comes to buying your home it’s safe to say that you want the best items that you can trust. With this in mind our homes provide some of the best brand names that you can rely on including, Ideal Standard white sanitary ware for the bathroom and other named appliances throughout.

Don’t worry though, it’s not just about the brand names as we also choose appliances that will save energy and you money. When moving into a second hand home you don’t always have this luxury and will ether use items that are given to you by family or friends, bring old appliances from your previous house or spend your hard earned cash on upgrading what is already in the home.

You can rest assured that only quality appliances are selected for your new Seddon home and you can enjoy them from the second you move in.

NHBC/LABC warranty
Each Seddon home gives you peace of mind with their structural warranties from NHBC and LABC, which are reputable warranty bodies within the new homes industry that provide protection of potential problems with your home including:

– Any issues that occur in the first 2 years of you owning your home. In the unlikely event that there is a problem in the first 2 years, builders will rectify any defects should something go wrong.
– There is also further protection after the first 2 years (usually 3 to 10 years) whereby you are covered should there be any issues with drainage or your property has structural defects.

If you bought a second hand home then you wouldn’t have these protections from trusted warranty bodies and therefore, if anything goes wrong then you could be left with a large bill that you hadn’t planned to receive.

The high specification build quality and finish of each Seddon home, protection from professional warranty bodies to give you peace of mind and also brand new appliances which will save you money, are just a few reasons why buying a new build home is the best decision.

Start your search and discover our range of new build developments today.

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