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How to get Halloween ready in your new home this year

Posted on October 18th, 2017

Halloween decorations

T’is the season to be spooky. That’s right it’s that time of year once again where witches, mummies and vampires roam the streets in search of tasty treats. It’s almost Halloween.

As ghoulish as house moves can be, they have nothing on the scariest day of the year.

While Halloween may be a couple of weeks away, anyone who is interested in getting their house decorated for the big day should know, you need to plan ahead.

With that in mind we here at Seddon Homes have put together a one-stop guide for all things Halloween to help you, your family and friends prepare for a spooktacular day.

1. Clear away clutter

Whether you’ve just moved into one of our fabulously spacious new homes like the 4 bed Marsden in Alsager or you’ve just not had the time to keep up with the housework, clutter is a Halloween decorator’s worst enemy.

It can be hard to find a good place for your decorations at the best of times, but add clutter into the mix and it’s a nightmare and not the one you’re aiming for with your Halloween bonanza.

If you’re all set up in your new home, then it’s a good idea to remove a few established ornaments to make way for more seasonal ones. This gives your home a refresh and means that your decorations won’t make your rooms feel crowded.

2. Don’t do it alone

Most kids love Halloween, so why not let them help you get your home ready. Make decorating a family event, call in the children in your family and make decorating your home for Halloween a tradition.

Not only will they love decorating, you’ll be glad of the help! Consider baking some tasty treats to help everyone get into the spirit of Halloween and give your family a well-earned reward for all their help.

Bat inspired biscuits are perfect and you can get the full recipe for some by clicking here.

3. You must have a pumpkin

If you do nothing else to prepare your home for Halloween, you must have a carved pumpkin in your window.

No home is truly Halloween ready without one.

With every passing year, pumpkins are carved in more elaborate ways, with many looking like pieces of modern art.

But not everyone is an artistic genius just waiting to be let loose on an orange fruit. If you’re unsure of how to carve a pumpkin and don’t want to waste time or money, this 7 step guide can help get you started.

4. You don’t have to spend a lot

A report highlighted that Halloween is the second most celebrated party night in the UK, with a whopping £460 million spent every year on decorations and costumes.

But spending hundreds of pounds on decorations isn’t a necessity if you want to have a good time this Halloween.

True, the decorations may be sturdier if you invest a few extra pounds, but homemade ornaments can be just as effective.

At this time of year, everyday household items have the opportunity to become something wonderful.

Toilet rolls can be made into spider stencils or bats that can hang from the ceiling, old bed sheets can become the perfect pair of cobweb curtains and a ceiling spider can be made from paper lamp shades, and some black felt, providing you with an eye-catching Halloween showstopper.

The key is to ensure that you put more effort into decorating the areas that any guests coming to your home will see.

For example there’s little need to spend hours decorating your bedroom. Instead focus on key entertaining areas of your home such as your living room and kitchen.

If you’re taking a ‘money is no object’ approach then there are plenty of chic Halloween decorations available too. These 25 classy Halloween decor ideas from Secret Adviser will give you a great starting point for some ghoulish glamour.

5. Costumes

A household Halloween celebration wouldn’t be complete without the final piece of the puzzle, costumes.

From scary skeletons to creepy clowns and everything in between, a showstopping Halloween costume is a must-have for adults and children alike.

If you’re looking to dress to impress, then fear not there is an endless array of options to suit all tastes.

If you opt for a stylish and chic approach to your home decor then you’ll be looking for some attire to match. This list of 15 of the most stylish Halloween costumes is perfect for those who aren’t keen on the idea of donning a gruesome mask and want their new home to play host to a more sophisticated Halloween soirée.

For those looking for more gruesome costumes, or looking to keep the cost at a minimum whilst doing your home decorating efforts justice at the same time, then Smiffys have an excellent selection of classic vampire, witch and mummy costumes as well as more modern takes on Halloween, with costumes from all your favourite horror movie characters.

If you want to make a lasting impact then you may also wish to invest in some makeup, depending on your costume of choice.

Unlike Halloween, purchasing a new home with us isn’t scary at all and we can assure you that your customer journey will be free from any nasty surprises.

Every Seddon Home is built to a high standard and there are a variety of offers available that could potentially help you get moving sooner rather than later depending on which development you choose.

To find out more why not visit your local development or contact the sales advisor at the development that you would like to know more about.

You can view all of our current properties and developments by clicking here.

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