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Highlights of buying a new build home

Posted on November 6th, 2015

Number 4 in the list of why you should buy a new build Seddon home is the fantastic initiatives that are available to you! Whether you are looking to move into your next home or trying to climb onto the property ladder, Seddon can assist you!


    • Help to Buy*

Help to Buy is a vital initiative that makes buying a new build Seddon home achievable.

The Government backed Help to Buy scheme has helped over 100,000 buyers secure their new home across the UK with only a 5% deposit. The Government will lend you 20% of the value of you brand new Seddon home as an equity loan. You will then need only a 75% mortgage, which really does open the door and has made it easier to begin your journey up the property ladder.

Help to Buy has made securing a home that costs up to £600,000 much more realistic for all buyers. You can make your money go further and a move to that dream Seddon home, that you thought you couldn’t afford, a reality.


    • Deposit Builder*

If you are struggling to find that all important deposit and save for your new build home then Seddon’s Deposit Builder scheme is here to help.

Seddon Homes’ professional team will sit down with you to discuss a personal savings plan that will help you to achieve your overall savings goal and an Independent Financial Advisor will also check your mortgage suitability. Seddon will reserve your chosen home for an extended period while you save your deposit (subject to a refundable reservation fee).

Relax in the knowledge that your new Seddon home will be waiting for you whilst you pay the agreed weekly/fortnightly fees as agreed.

This fantastic initiative is just another reason why buying a new build Seddon home is the best decision for you!


    • Select Solicitor*

Seddon Homes’ Select Solicitor initiative is another fantastic scheme that makes securing a new build Seddon home a better option than buying a second hand property.

The scheme involves Seddon Homes doing the hard work so you don’t have to! Seddon will find you a trusted solicitor who they are happy to refer and who will do the best job for you promptly, professionally and hassle free.

Each of these referred legal practitioners understands the inner working of the Seddon Homes system and the legal documentation that is involved in buying a new home. You can be sure to trust the Select Solicitor initiative and with Seddon Homes doing everything for you, you can sit back and think about your moving in day!

You can be worry free by trusting the professionals:-

  • All of the solicitors that are referred by Seddon have been granted a Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accreditation by the Law Society. This is a recognised standard for residential conveyancing as it offers peace of mind that you will receive the best service from a fully qualified Solicitor.
  • You will save money! When you buy a house with Help to Buy through the Select Solicitor scheme you can save up to £150 of the purchasers’ fee.
  • You will always receive the best deal as Seddon Homes guarantee to price match.

Select Solicitor helps to make the transaction process simple for you. You can be assured that Seddon Homes doesn’t receive any commission or fees when they refer a solicitor.

With these fantastic initiatives available on new build homes, why would you buy an older pre-owned property? Discover our range of homes across the North West today.

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