Winter warmer design tips

Posted on November 29th, 2016


Sleet, hail, snow and gales. We’ve seen quite a variety of wintery weather over the past few weeks, so, there’s nothing better than shutting the door on it when you enter your welcoming new home. Combined with a nice hot drink, getting your winter interior sorted can really help you shake off the bad weather outside, meaning you can relax inside.

We’ll give you the guided tour on how to make your living room a winter paradise during the colder months.

What colours are in this winter?

Whilst it may be grey and dark outside, your interior should be warm and welcoming for when you start to kick back and relax in your new home. We feel that finding two colours that work together can make a huge difference instead of mixing and matching your colours and furniture.

A nice burnt orange, statement wall complimented by the remainder of the room beige works really well and it is so easy to style it out with both dark and light furnishings.

If you don’t like the thought of a statement wall, mix up your shades of greys and silvers to give your living room the wintery feel without the coldness. Alternatively, midnight blues can awaken your room when combined with the right furnishings. The key to any colour combination is making sure you get the ratio right.

Accessorise your living room

Cushions? Throws? Rugs? Yes, please! Amongst other items, these are three valuable winter essentials for your front room. There’s no better feeling when you’ve walked in after a long day at the office than having your front room toasty, comforting and ready to relax in.

It’s the time of year where warmth isn’t optional – you can never be too warm as we head into December. With this in mind, partner up your accessories with your current furniture to not only keep you warm this winter but also to give your front room a facelift.

This winter, a Highland theme to your front room can help to make your new home feel like a seasonal cottage retreat with soft greens, heather and plaid patterns. The traditional red and blue plaid colours instantly makes your room feel cosier and the green and heather accents on cushions and pictures against a simple wall or sofa, will transform your evenings into a relaxed, wintery get away.

Bring the outdoors inside

So now that we’ve covered the colours your living room needs this winter as well as the soft furnishings to make it cosy, it’s time to get seasonal. We all know that nothing beats the smell of the real Christmas tree, but sometimes recreating that smell is easier than putting up the tree – think of the needles!

Our alternative idea is to bring the outdoors inside this year. A basket of kindle and logs can look fantastic in your new home and also make the whole home feel warmer. Wooden ornaments and trinkets are also a very popular choice which can easily transform a room.

If you’re looking to heighten your senses by sending them into festive overdrive, we recommend a pine or Christmas scented candle. The smell from this, combined with ornaments and decorative pieces inspired from the outdoors, can again make your living room feel very cosy indeed.

At Seddon Homes, we believe that if you combine the right levels of colour, soft furnishings and decorative pieces, you will have a front room that you won’t want to leave this winter!

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