New show home in Sandbach sets the trend with intergalactic space design

Posted on February 18th, 2016


With our very own British astronaut, Tim Peake, sending videos back from outer space directly into our children’s classrooms, is it any wonder that the cosmos has become cool again.  Now that a Brit has finally walked in space it has renewed our interest in the planets, our galaxy and beyond.

At our Campion Point development in Sandbach, our designers have embraced the intergalactic theme and showcased it in our brand new show home, launching on 27th and 28th February.  Be one of the first lucky viewers to step into our designer’s cosmic themed bedroom and blast off into a bedroom that is out of this world!

Decorating your bedroom in a space theme is more than just sticking a few luminous stars on the ceiling, although the ceiling is a good place to start. With all new homes you get to start with a blank canvas and your ceiling is no different. You can attach murals, mobiles of the solar system and light up the room with shooting stars and images of the Milky Way.

Lighting is very important to help set the scene and there are so many clever options to choose from.  You can get projectors which blast Asteroids and the aurora lights onto your walls or ceiling.  An excellent focal point as your child lies in bed and hopefully falls peacefully to sleep.

There are a wealth of space related bedding sets to choose from and, depending on how creative you are, you can recreate a spaceship feel or a lunar landscape by choosing cosmic wallpaper and even creating little spaceship dens for your budding star gazer.

Our show homes are well known for our stellar design concepts and are excited to reveal this amazing ‘space’ themed bedroom that any budding star gazer or astronaut would be proud of.  Just join us for our show home launch on 27th and 28th February in Sandbach at our Campion Point development and see how a bit of imagination can transform a house into a home.

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