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This seasons colour trends for your new Seddon home!

Posted on July 28th, 2016

Have you been struggling to visualise how your new home is going to be decorated? What colours are in? What should you avoid? What matches and what doesn’t? Fear not, The Pantone Colour Institute have presented their latest forecast to give you a helping hand.

When it comes to anything relating to colour, these guys know their stuff, so brew up, grab a paper and pen and let’s start to colourise your home.

Firstly, pinks are set to stage a noticeable advance on home interiors this season — mainly due to the fact that many colours are influenced by pink. Blues, off whites and beige are all complimented by pinks and will all go well together in your home.

pink interior

In the image above, House and Home show excellently how various blues can combine exquisitely with a pastel pink. If you’re after a chilled out vibe in your home, we couldn’t recommend this more!

What if pink’s not for you? You might want more vibrancy in your home that people will be wowed by. Well, you can’t beat a splash of lemon zest! Be careful thought as this is a colour that needs to be used delicately and thoughtfully as it can become overbearing if everything is yellow.

yellow interior piece together a perfect yellow accent in this bedroom that looks classy, modern and isn’t too in your face. By Combining yellows with light greys and breaking it up with whites, this room looks fun whilst holding onto its class.

Why not try it yourself? If you’ve got a grey sofa or bed, mix it up with some yellow scatter cushions. If your kitchen table needs to be brought back to life, a lemon coloured table runner to add some zest to your dinner time is perfect.

Finally, purples are predicted to be big this season. From mauves to lilacs, the colour purple is very versatile and can refresh the look of your home instantly.

Similarly, to yellows, purples can seem overbearing if used too much. Despite this, block walls of lilac or lavender can help to brighten a room up so long as they are dressed in complimenting colours.

purple interior

Melinda Hartwright showcases how a lilac wall can really be brought to life when combined with white in the bathroom. If you wanted slightly more of a purple feel, matching towels, hand towels and flannels are a great way to dress the bathroom of your new home.

Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea of what colours are in for the coming season, allowing you to decorate your new home and give it the X-factor.

So now you know the styles and trends for the coming season, get creative and add a splash of colour to your new pad!


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