Transform your new home’s garden into a summer retreat

Posted on June 24th, 2016

As the nights draw longer and the temperature rises, it’s the time of year when we really enjoy living out in our gardens. Whether we’re eating dinner, playing games with the kids or doing a spot of gardening, the garden is a retreat.

Whilst many people focus on their lounge, kitchen or bedrooms when decorating, it’s important to consider the garden as an equal — an outdoor room if you like. It needs the same planning and attention to detail that any other room would to look truly fantastic!

Regardless of how big or condensed your garden is, the attention is all in the detail. Rigorous planning can pave the way for you to achieve your garden’s full potential. Rather than just guessing at what will fit where and how it will all look together, draw yourself a sketch of your garden to scale.

By having a sketch, you can get samples and colours of what you were envisaging and you can then play around with various combinations without already committing to your idea! Once you’ve got a concrete vision of what your garden is going to look like, you can move forwards.

We recommend that if you have a larger garden you identify different areas — maybe have a dining section, a BBQ area and a kids play area at the top of the garden. If you’re fortunate enough to have a peaceful sun spot, you can’t beat a good old hammock for summer relaxing!

The flooring in your garden is as important as anything else in there. Do you opt for slabs or gravel? Grass or decking? The answer is completely up to you, however, we think it’s a winning combination is if you combine decking for the dining area, grass for the majority and a small area of wood chippings for the kid’s play area, maybe with a garden swing?

Plants and shrubs can make a garden, so take into account the colours of the flowers once they fully flower as they can sometimes change! For more information on prepping your garden with plants read our gardening blog here.

The final aspect of your garden once you’ve selected your layout, sorted the grounding and picked your shrubbery, is the furniture.

All weather rattan furniture is a winner when you take into account the unpredictability of the British summer time. Alternatively, waterproof upholstery can be beneficial if you do not like the idea of rattan furniture.

Colours can really enhance your furniture, so take this into consideration when you’re picking your furniture and tie it in with your plant choices! Scatter cushions and blankets are subtle yet tasteful additions to your garden furniture and can be stored inside when not in use.

As well as furniture, accessories can enhance your summer garden. Why no add some fairy lights to decorative jars or drape them around your garden for a peaceful ambience?

You can achieve this gorgeous look pictured in your garden by shopping the ÄpplaeÖ range at Ikea.

Why not visit your nearest Seddon Homes development and have a look at our show home gardens for inspiration and start planning your new summer garden retreat!

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