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How to turn your Seddon home into a spooktacular haunted house this Halloween

Posted on October 31st, 2016


Halloween decorations


It’s that time of year again and you’re probably in one of three camps right now:

  • Your children are demanding a Halloween party.
  • Your hosting a Halloween party.
  • You hate Halloween and won’t be partying.

The good news if you’re in camps 1 or 2 is that we have got the ultimate list to transform your new Seddon home into a fantastic display of Halloween.

Sadly, just carving a pumpkin and sitting it on the window sill isn’t going to cut it, however the pumpkin is still vital, so don’t disregard your carving skills just yet! Let us take you through room by room to ensure your party is a hit.

No haunted house is complete without the exterior make up, so you have to get your home looking scary. Plenty of shops on the high-streets make a big deal out of Halloween, so this shouldn’t be too tricky. We recommend lining your garden path with a range of pumpkins that have been carved out and filled with tea lights. If you want to go the extra mile, hang cobwebs and bats around your door or buy plastic gravestones for the lawn, make sure everyone takes note of your decorations!

As your guests enter your home, make sure you’ve decorated your hallway with candles to create an eerie environment whilst playing your Halloween playlist — MJ’s Thriller comes to mind!

Your living room and kitchen are probably where most of the guests are going to be socialising, so the decoration in here is key. Clear plenty of space and don’t hold back on the spider’s webs, mood lighting and any other spooky decorations you want to include. How scary you want to make your home is completely up to you.

A must, before your friends arrive, is of course is preparing the food and drink! All of our Seddon homes come with modern kitchens, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Finger food is always a hit at Halloween parties and, like the living room, you can make this as scary or friendly as you want. Use food colouring to make your party snacks a different colour or if you prefer, head to your local supermarket to pick up some terrifying treats.

Halloween wouldn’t be right without a big bowl of punch — again food colourings and different drink choices can be mixed to make sure you have either a blood red or slime green punch ready to serve up when your guests arrive.

Another staple of Halloween is apple bobbing — clear some room, fill a bucket and make sure you’ve got the camera at the ready! You might be better off doing this outside in one of our turfed, well sized gardens to make sure the mess is kept to a minimum!

All you need to do now is get your costumes ready and you should be set to host a killer Halloween party.

Unlike your party our new homes don’t come with any scary surprises, so why not visit your local development to start your customer journey with us.


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