Make time fly, by checking out our top 5 clocks for your new home

Posted on March 23rd, 2017

With daylight saving time fast approaching, the annual discussions are starting to take place: “do they go backwards or forwards now?”, “When is daylight saving time?”, “Do we get an hour more in bed or an hour less?” 

Whilst we will quickly answer these conundrums for you, the clocks go forwards at 1:00am on Sunday March 26th, resulting in an hour less in bed, we’re also going to discuss timepieces around the home.

Clocks can really transform a room, either by subtly blending into your existing décor or by standing out and being a real statement piece.

#1 — Modern




We’ll start with the modern timepiece. Probably best situated in your new bedroom, the slab walnut click clock, available from theHut.com combines classic wooden tones with a modern LED face. The clock not only tells you the time but also the date and temperature of the room.

The alarm function also makes this a great addition to the bedroom and will really help you get started in the mornings. The final wow factor for this clock is that it is sound activated, so the time will only actually display when you’re in the room!

£38.99 — TheHut.com

#2 — Simplistic




Whilst modern designs can be fun and interesting, a timeless classic with a simpler design can often go a long way to completing your rooms décor. We think that this nickel and wood stencil clock from CFS is a fantastic addition to a dining room.

With roman numerals on a soft coloured wood finish, this 50cm clock will set off your room perfectly. It is large enough to be noticed but not overpowering, which is why we have selected this clock to complete your dining room.

£139 — CFS.co.uk

#3 — Oversized




Wayfair.co.uk. At 1.3m in diameter, this clock is definitely designed to be a talking point in your new home.

We feel the obvious place for this clock to feature is on a wall in your lounge, however it would also work well in a kitchen. One thing to remember with the size of this clock is that you’re going to need quite a bit of space on the wall, so don’t expect to fill the surrounding area. This is designed to be a centre piece.

£47.99 — Wayfair.co.uk

#4 — Modern classic




Sometimes, regardless of how classic a piece is, it needs a revamp, and that is exactly what we’ve brought you for number 4 on our top clocks. Everyone has seen a grandfather clock and been in awe of people who own them for both their sophistication and beauty.

Now, Grattify bring you the Tiuku Grandfather Clock. This modern twist on an old classic keeps the pendulum feature but it is presented on two narrow legs and a blank clock face. This elegant clock will work well in your lounge or also in your hallway, so people see it as soon as they enter your home.

Wherever you decided to put this grandfather clock, it’s going to bring a feeling of modern elegance to your home and we absolutely love it!

£242.99 — Wayfair.co.uk

#5 — Obscure

Our final clock is definitely obscure. Inspired by Salvadore Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory”, these melting clocks add a certain level of intrigue to your home décor.

They are sure to be a talking point for anyone who comes to visit and visually, whilst a bit out there, they look fantastic.

Designed to hang down the side of a flat surface, these clocks are a great way to add a feature to your mantel piece.

£99.99 — jasboutique.co.uk

Now, whilst all this talk about clocks is a fantastic way to kill some time, it’s important to remember that when the hour does go forward, there is more day light to view our new homes. Head to our development page where you will find opening times for all of our developments as well as contact details and pricing.




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