Seddon Homes’ Deposit Builder is helping first time buyers secure their ideal homes

Posted on March 18th, 2016

You’ve found the home of your dreams. You’ve got the website bookmarked on every device that connects to the internet. You could draw the floor plans blindfolded. Your mum has started knitting a throw to go over the settee in your new living room.

However, there is one small problem, the deposit is holding you back and you can’t see a way to raise it in time before someone else snaps up your perfect property.

Well now you can let your mum know that she can pick the yarn up again because you can in fact raise the deposit in time thanks to Seddon Homes’ Deposit Builder.

Seddon Homes is encouraging first time buyers, as getting onto the property ladder can be a huge leap from living at home or renting. There is a lot to take in when you first start looking at new homes, and getting your finances in check to save a deposit is often the most daunting part!

Deposit Builder allows you to comfortably save a deposit for your new home in a buyer friendly scheme, allowing your visions to become reality.

The scheme is really easy and Seddon Homes will guide you through the process, starting by having a discussion with you to help plan your savings and setting a reasonable timescale to achieve this in. (Mum may have even finished the throw by the time you move in!)

We will give you full access to an approved Independent Financial Advisor who will assess your mortgage suitability and answer all of your questions to give you the full picture.

Once all parties are in agreement we will secure your desired property for an extended period giving you the time to save up. The timeframe will depend on your circumstances and the availability of homes.

During the time until the contracts are put into writing, your reservation fee is refundable; you will be advised in writing when this changes.

You can make payments into your savings accounts weekly, monthly or fortnightly depending on what is easiest for you. You will need to provide regular proof that this is happening to our sales advisors to ensure that everyone is up to date.

At Seddon we do understand that circumstances can change, so we do try to review any changes or failings in payment sympathetically but we may at our discretion cancel the agreement.

So if you’re currently struggling to raise the deposit for your home, how can you afford to not look into the Deposit Builder scheme?

Get in contact with us today or head down to your local development for more information.

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