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How to Organise Your Bedroom

Posted on September 2nd, 2018

You spend a third of your life sleeping on average. Since you devote so much time in one little room, why not neaten the place up a bit? The benefits of having a tidy bedroom are huge and it can even help you to sleep better. With that in mind, here are our top tips on how to organise your bedroom.

How to organise your bedroom

Give everything a place

When everything has a place, you’ll know exactly where to find it. Go through your whole room and find areas where you can group like items such as shoes, handbags, bed linen, etc., and then arrange them neatly into their new homes.

If it doesn’t have a place, then ask yourself whether you could allocate it to another room, or even throw it away/donate it. Giving everything a place will not only help you to find your things faster, but also help you to tidy up more easily, since you know where to put everything.

Pick an ordering method

Once everything is in its place, you can then decide on how to want to order the sections.

For example, if you have a bookcase, you could order the books by colour or by height. Clothes may be easier to organise by ‘category’, like shirts and jeans, but you could organise them by height, too. This will make finding each individual item simple and therefore save you time and energy.

Install shelving

A lot of the time, bedrooms are quite small spaces. This can make them difficult to fit a lot of belongings into. However, one easy way to add extra storage to them is to install shelving.

Shelves allow you to place items in plain sight where they are easily accessible, which makes them a great choice for things like plants, your favourite books, or décor items. You can install shelves pretty much anywhere and they are very inexpensive, rendering them an ideal storage solution. They can even be a lovely statement piece if you look out for quirky designs.

Buy some storage units

The possibilities are endless with this one. Storage units come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of layouts. A popular choice is cube or modular units, but you can get creative with it and try hidden storage, rack storage, or overhead storage. With so many ways to organise your bedroom, the possibilities are endless.

Cube or modular units are good for displaying a few pretty items. If you need more bang for your buck, then you can purchase units with doors on and fill them with all kinds of things. They are very modern and stylish so they won’t make your bedroom look ugly. Bookcases are also quite like modular storage, which could be another great option for the bookworms amongst you.

Hidden storage, like the name suggests, is out of view for the most part. This type of storage consists of things like wardrobe organizers and concealed units that slide out from under surfaces. These are an excellent solution for small bedrooms, or for those of you who like to keep things minimal.

Rack storage is great for coats, jackets, or bath towels. You can buy a clothing rack for fairly cheap and put it in the corner of the room or even over the back of the door so that it takes up less space. These aren’t the nicest looking option, but god are they handy!

Finally, overhead storage is good for items that you would like to keep, but don’t necessarily need easy access to. Think old books, occasion wear, or collections. The sky’s the limit!

Consider ottoman furniture

Ottoman furniture is the best way to make storage multifunctional. You could have an ottoman bed, ottoman poufs, ottoman shoe storage… in fact, just ottoman your whole house! (Please don’t)

The 2-in-1 storage/furniture solution is perfect if you have a small bedroom and there are plenty of trendy options available. Even if you’re not short on space, they’re still an amazing way to declutter your room.

Those were our best ideas on how to organise your bedroom. The bedroom is such an important place within a home, therefore we believe it should be given the upmost care and attention. At Seddon Homes, we craft all of our bedrooms with comfort and functionality in mind so that our customers can sleep peacefully. Check out some of our new build homes to see what we mean.

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