Mother’s Day gift ideas

Posted on March 22nd, 2019

Mother’s Day is just over 1 week from now, which gives you plenty of time to plan and execute the perfect gift or day out for her. However, if you’re a little stuck for ideas, we’ve got plenty! Here are some of our best Mother’s Day gift ideas to inspire you.

Spa day

The classic day at a spa. What mum wouldn’t love this?! A spa day gives her the chance to well and truly unwind, and you can even make it a mother-daughter/mother-son day if you fancy. What’s more, spas always have numerous packages to choose from, so you can tailor the day to what you think your mum would like.

Put together a photo album

Most people nowadays just post photos to Facebook albums, but there’s definitely a certain charm in a physical photo album that is simply irreplaceable. So, compile some of the most ‘feel-good’ photos you can find, get them professionally printed and compile them into a lovely family photo album. Prepare for a few tears.

Tick one off her bucket list

What’s one thing your mum has said she’s always wanted to do? This year, let her live it! The best thing about this gift idea is that she won’t expect it. After all, she’ll probably be thinking that you’re going to take her for a meal or buy her wine, so this will really take her by surprise. And what’s wackier than taking your mum sky diving for Mother’s Day?

Get the family together

Back in the day, Mother’s Day was a whole family affair. It was a chance for everyone to get back together and see their mothers, spend quality time as a family and just enjoy each other’s company. That sounds pretty nice to us. So, call up the siblings, arrange a time and place, and plan a family night in with great food and great times. And maybe a couple of drinks.

Go niche

Does your mum have a true obsession with glamping? Or maybe she just absolutely loves whiskey? Buy her an ultra-specific set of gifts that only your mum would want. For example, a glamping fanatic would probably love a ‘glamping kit’ with customised tools and utensils. Likewise, a whiskey lover would adore a fancy vintage bottle of the stuff with whiskey stones and an engraved glass. Get creative.

Do some house chores

This one applies whether you’re living with parents or not! Give mum a break and do the house chores this Mother’s Day. It’s completely free for you, but we bet she’ll appreciate it. You could even use a certain skill that you have, like plumbing or decorating. Really spruce up the house or fix up some things that your parents haven’t quite gotten around to yet.

Splash out

Has your mum had her eye on a certain ‘big buy’ for a while now but hasn’t had the money to buy it for herself? You could bite the bullet and get it for her. However, we understand that not everyone has that kind of money, so why not make it a family gift? Talk to your other family members and see if they would want to put towards one big gift instead. This is a fantastic idea if you have a large family.

How did you like our Mother’s Day gift ideas?

We tried to put a little bit of everything in here. So, whether your mum prefers gifts or experiences, quiet time or a crazy time, we hope this gave you at least a few ideas to get you started.

Seddon Homes wish every mum a very happy Mother’s Day this year!

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