New home design trends for 2019

Posted on May 14th, 2019

It’s fun to keep up with the trends, and when it comes to your home, exploring new design trends is a great way to express your style. So, here are some of the latest home design trends for 2019.

Artisanal Fixtures

This year, light fixtures are going bold and intricate. Gone are the days of a simple bulb and fabric lampshade! You can now experiment with geometric designs, large, retro-style bulbs, pendant fixtures, chandeliers, wall sconces… you name it, it’s trending.

Coral pink

The more vibrant sister of millennial pink, coral pink, is now in the limelight. This is mostly due to it winning Pantone’ Colour of the Year award. You can use this colour to inject life and energy into any room. The easiest way to do so is with a lick of paint, perhaps as a statement wall.

Velvet furnishings

Velvet is back and we’re loving it! Reminiscent of the early 90s, velvet is now a prominent feature in the likes of bedroom furniture. It adds a touch of French-inspired luxury to the room and works exceptionally well on a dressing table pouffe or bed headboard.

70s décor

Put away the boring monochrome art pieces and cube-style furniture, because the retro age is back in fashion! You can have fun with vintage pieces such as record tables, psychedelic prints and neon shag rugs, or integrate clashing prints like zebra and tiger print.

Mustard yellow

As a side effect of the 70s trend, mustard yellow is coming back into fashion. Generally, this is found in bright, cheery pops of colour amongst a more subdued colour palette. So, embrace the trend with a mustard yellow sofa or armchair. If you don’t fancy going all out, try throw cushions or a nice mustard rug. The possibilities are endless and you’d be surprised at how many colours mustard yellow can be paired with.

Bold wallpaper

Forget cream, vanilla and manilla colours this year – be bold! You can experiment with bright colours, strong patterns and even interesting textures to inject life into your plain walls. We’re seeing a lot of this ‘think outside the box’ perspective in interior design lately and we’re absolutely loving it.

Mid-century design

Mid-century design was renowned for its interesting, striking takes on what was previously popular. The turn of the century promised hope and prosperity for many and that was mirrored in their interior design choices; everything was quirky yet still practical. Why not hop on the trend and invest in a few quality mid-century pieces yourself?

Your home, your choice

We hope you enjoyed learning about these new home design trends. When it comes to decorating the home, we at Seddon Homes believe that it should reflect your style at every level. That’s why we offer you a choice of many different colours, finishes and tiles depending on the build stage. Choose your fireplace, outdoor floor tiling, kitchen worktops (6 styles to choose from) and appliances. You also have many bathroom options and you can have sliding door mirrored wardrobes installed in the bedroom.

This, combined with the wide range of house types that we offer means that you have can practically design your ideal home from the ground up. Browse our new build homes to see if our stunning quality and wide variety of choice can tempt you.

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