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New place, more space – Why you should choose a Seddon home in 2021

Posted on December 30th, 2020

Spending more time at home? Things getting a little crowded as you work from home more? Maybe you just fancy an upgrade? It’s something that families across the country have had to adapt to and it might leave you contemplating the fact that you need a new place with more space.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home or move into something more suitable for your newfound needs, we’re here to help.

When we say that a ‘Seddon home is built for life, your life,’ we mean it! As a prestige housebuilder, building dream homes is in our DNA and it is what has been driving us for decades and now more than ever we’re dedicated to ensuring you have the space and peace of mind you’re searching for.

If you’re thinking about moving into a new house, here’s why you should make it a Seddon home.

Yours from day 1

There’s nothing quite like pulling up to your new home, safe in the knowledge that you will be the only people to have ever lived there. Love that new car smell? Now multiply tenfold and you’ll be able to begin to imagine the feeling of satisfaction knowing you are the first people to own your new house.

No previous occupants, no need to strip back dodgy wallpaper or remove unwanted furniture. Just sit back, relax and focus on the important decisions such as when to crack open that first bottle of wine.

Stunning specification as standard

We want you to enjoy living in your new home as soon as you set foot in it, which is why we marry functionality with superior design to ensure your new house is the home you always dreamed of.

We ensure each of our developments contains a variety of property types, which means you’re sure to find your dream home.

Each property we build comes with excellent features included in the price, including a contemporary new kitchen, integrated appliances and many other excellent extras as standard.

Don’t forget to speak to one of our sales advisors to find out the full specification of each of our properties, they’ll be happy to help.

Less to worry about

Love the idea of moving into a new place with more space, but the thought of painting room after room is getting you down? Hate doing DIY? When you move into a Seddon home those worries never have to exist.

Each of our properties is newly decorated and each one benefits from a contemporary design throughout that will ensure your new home feels fresh from the day you move in.

We’ve also recognised that modern life requires modern changes to the way you use your home and we have adapted the style of home we build to suit a wide variety of lifestyles.

Whether it’s a comfortable home-office to work from, more space for your growing family or simply a place to call your own, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in a Seddon home.

Each home we build is constructed to exacting industry standards and they undergo regular inspections by building control officers to ensure the quality of build remains high. Each home also comes with a 10 year warranty (from date of CML sign off).

Save money

Not only can you rest safe in the knowledge that with every mortgage repayment you are investing in your future, unlike renting a property, but you will also be able to save money long term when you buy a Seddon home thanks to its energy efficiency.

Our team ensure that each of our homes is built using the latest construction methods and technologies including modern insulation, enabling it to be more energy-efficient and saving you money in the process.

In fact, a Seddon home could save you more than £500 on average per year on your energy bills and can also help you reduce your carbon footprint thanks to its improved CO2 emissions.

The choice is yours

In addition to benefiting from a superior specification as standard, we also aim to provide a wide variety of properties to choose from.

Our talented architecture and design teams work tirelessly with our construction experts in order to develop our portfolio of property types and we are continually working to bring your dream Seddon home to new and convenient locations.


Worrying about the owners of a property moving out on time is no fun, but thankfully that isn’t an issue when you buy a Seddon home.

Unlike when you buy a second-hand home, purchasing a new build means you can move in without having to worry about sellers, removing the stress of worrying about completion dates or the other party pulling out of the sale.

New place, more space

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If you’re looking to move home then why not make it a Seddon home?

We have a range of outstanding locations to choose from which include a wide variety of property types.

You can stay up to date with all our developments and find your ideal location by clicking here.

Got a question about a location or one of our properties? We’d love to help. Get in touch with our team today by completing our online enquiry form by clicking here or by calling your chosen development.

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