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Small space seating ideas for your home

Posted on July 4th, 2018

Ever wondered how you could squeeze more seating into your living room? Or perhaps you’re looking to switch up the seating in your kitchen? Well, we’ve put together some useful tips and small space seating ideas so that you can get the most out of your space, and make everyone feel like they’ve got the best seat in the house!

  1. Go for modular designs in a smaller space

If you’re struggling to get a big enough sofa into a small living room, then try a modular design. Modular sofas look more compact, thus making a room feel less busy. Plus, with their adaptable design you can always add or rearrange sections to suit your needs. This 4-seater modular sofa from MADE is an excellent example of modern, innovative design.small space seating ideas modular furniture

  1. Use every corner

Adding seating to unlikely corners of your home can make use of dead space, as well as provide some quirky seating options. You could try incorporating a bench underneath a dining room window, or use storage boxes as 2-in-1 seats (ottomans, anyone?). If you’re really looking for those few extra seats, why not make us of the ceiling and consider a cool, rope hanging chair like this one from Wayfair?

small space seating ideas use every corner
  1. Stack stools

Whether you have a breakfast bar, island, or table in your kitchen, stools can be an easy way of adding more seating without taking up too much space. Stack stools in a corner or cupboard, so you have extra seats ready to use whenever you need. Stools are also pretty affordable, so you can stack up on them!

small space seating ideas stack stools
  1. Make things formal

If you’re going for an ordered, neutral look, use matching and colour coordinated furniture. A matching armchair and footstool combo in a bedroom, or the same colour palette on sofas and chairs in a living room, will look smart and clean.

small space seating ideas make things formal

We hope that you incorporate some of these small space seating ideas into your new Seddon home!

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