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Why buy a brand new home?

Posted on September 29th, 2016

When you’re looking for a new home, you are immediately faced with a big decision: “do I buy a new build home or a pre-owned house?” To be truthful there is no right or wrong answer, however there are a number of reasons to buy new which a second hand home simply cannot compete with.

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So why should you buy a new Seddon Homes home?

At first glance, buying a pre-owned home may seem more beneficial as the asking price could be lower than that of a new build, however, that can often be a misconception. Imagine you move into a pre-owned home, which was £10,000 less than that of a new build, only to find that the boiler needs replacing after 6 months. A cold shower is the least of your worries when that boiler bill comes in!

In actual fact, to improve an older home to the spec of a new build would cost approximately £45,000 on top of the asking price, that £10,000 saving isn’t so appealing now is it? But how can it possibly cost that much we hear you cry? Well here’s a breakdown of costs:

  • £9,412 Insulation & guttering
  • £4,800 Decoration
  • £3,200 Re-wiring
  • £4,500 New bathroom
  • £6,150 Windows & doors
  • £3,286 New flooring
  • £4,403 Central heating
  • £7,645 Fitted kitchen

These prices are based on average independent figure estimates and were presented by the Home Building Federation. So, rather than forking out £45,000 on upgrades and repairs, let’s look at what a new Seddon home can offer to you instead.

Firstly, a new Seddon home is a blank canvas; it’s untouched and completely yours! No garish wallpaper, trodden in carpets or dodgy DIY improvements, a new home is a fresh start for you to add your own personal stamp onto.

As we’ve already mentioned, the specification of a Seddon new build home means there are no nasty surprises in store whilst offering a contemporary style to your new home.

Should anything in your new home need some work or isn’t quite right, we have an expert team of customer support staff on hand who can offer you peace of mind, something else you won’t get with buying a second hand home. Oh, and there’s the structural guarantee from either NHBC or LABC, to help make you feel even more confident in buying a new build!

If you’re concerned about the planet and the environmental issues older homes can cause, a new build can help put your mind at ease. With lower CO2 emissions, efficient boilers and double glazing, your new home is not only helping to save the planet, it’s saving your bank balance with lower bills.

Another few reasons to buy a new build Seddon home, are that alongside the build spec which is designed for the needs of modern living, all of our homes are in fantastic locations across the North West, Midlands and Yorkshire. Delivering on over 100 years of experience, your forever home is in safe hands with us.

Probably the biggest advantage of buying a new build home is that there are offers available to you to make it easier, cheaper and a much smoother experience. Whether you choose the Government backed Help to Buy scheme; take advantage of our Sale Away programme or use our Deposit Builder initiative, there’s an offer to suit you and your needs.

The final reason for why a new build home is much more efficient than a second hand one is that there are no chains involved. In the buying process, there’s no need to wait for the old owners to find a new home, your move can be hassle free with Seddon Homes.

If you feel that a brand new, high specification, modern home that is going to save you money like something you’d like to learn more about, head to your nearest development today. Our sales advisors will be on hand to start you on your customer journey with us and make sure you are looked after every step of the way.


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