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The benefits of buying your new build home off plan

Posted on February 13th, 2015

Finding your perfect home can be a real struggle, but imagine being able to see your home constructed and choose the finishing touches inside. Buying off plan makes this possible, giving you the opportunity to move into a new build home which is to your taste and has your stamp of approval already upon it.

Buying off plan may take a bit of imagination, but there are some huge positives to you as the buyer.

Get the pick of the plots
This is fantastic! There is nothing worse than setting your heart on a new home and then finding out it has been sold. Buying off plan takes away this issue, as you can pick your preferred plot whether that be due to the size, aesthetics, or positioning on the development, it really is down to you.
Once the development has been built and become established the range of available plots will become fewer, which may leave you with a less desirable home than you were holding out for. So, remember to act quickly and secure your perfect home.

Secure Help to Buy approval
Help to Buy has become a hugely important scheme, especially for first time buyers who have got themselves onto the property ladder. However, 2015 could potentially be the year of changes with the election and uncertainty of the future of these types of schemes. So securing your Help to Buy approval early will prevent you missing out on this life changing government scheme.
Once you have secured it your Help to Buy approval is valid for up to 6 months and, provided it is within this timeframe, there will be no need to re apply once your home has been constructed and the sale has been completed.
With Help to Buy already approved, it’s just another thing off your mind!

Choose your own fixtures and fittings
One issue for potential buyers is making your new house into a home. Being able to add your own stamp onto your new purchase is vital; however, there is a limited choice of options that you can choose from once construction starts.
By buying off plan you open the door to a range of possibilities as you are able to pick which items will work best in your home, including kitchen tiles, work tops etc to name a few. We know that any fixtures and fittings that are included in your home can make or break the deal, so having the option to choose what is included really is a no brainer.

Lock in a current market price
Buy early and lock in the current market price! With house prices predicted to rise by 7% in the first 6 months of 2015 (Zoopla, 2015), now is the time to secure your new home and lock in the best price possible.
By moving early to purchase a home off plan, you are taking away any uncertainty and you are locking in the price that you have agreed with the homebuilder and therefore there won’t be any unwanted fluctuations that you are not prepared for.

Increase in property value
House prices are set to rise in the next 6 months which is great news for anybody who has bought off plan. With house prices rising due to inflation and your home already secured off plan, you can just sit back and watch your investment grow.

Acting quickly can also save you cash in other ways. The popularity of a development will have a big influence on price so these properties may increase in price as the development becomes more sought after.
Therefore, buying off plan can be a great investment for all potential buyers.

Ring fence the best mortgage deals
Don’t miss out on the best mortgage deals when buying your new home! The election in May could have an enormous effect on mortgage rates, so ring fencing the best deals now and securing a new home off plan is a great idea.
With a huge range of competitive mortgages now available there isn’t a better time to take advantage and make a move for your new build Seddon home.

Excitement of seeing your home built
And finally, imagine the excitement of being able to see your home through the build process and the satisfaction you will receive once it is finally complete. Buying off plan allows you to be involved in this unique experience which you will not have if you buy a home that has already been constructed.

We hope that you are now clued up about buying off plan and you can see how appealing this option is. Please check out our developments including Silkstone in Castleford where buying off plan can help you to secure your dream home and take advantage of the added benefits mentioned above.

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