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Save money with our energy efficient new build homes

Posted on August 30th, 2015

When buying a new home it is vital that you take into consideration future costs of running your property.

Seddon’s new build homes are built to the highest quality to not only meet the Seddon Homes standard but also the industry building standard. This means that you can guarantee that our homes are packed full of energy efficient design features that will save you money by reducing your living costs well into the future.

When you buy your new home you can relax in the knowledge that it is high performance, low running cost with energy efficient benefits. Our houses are at the height of greener and cheaper living, here are some reasons why!

  • Double glazed windows and doors reduced drafts and conserve heat.
  • ‘A’ rated appliances work more efficiently to save you money.
  • Efficient boilers that cost you less and won’t let you down.
  • Insulation of the highest quality to lower your heating bills.
  • Low CO2 emissions to reduce our carbon footprint.

According to top industry statistics from the Home Building Federation, new build homes in the UK are up to 50% cheaper per year to run than an equivalent Victorian property. This means that you can potentially save a massive £1,410 for a 4 bedroom detached house.

A brand new home won’t just keep you warm in the winter or dry when it rains, it’ll help you save money on your utility bills too!

Become a brand new home owner with Seddon Homes and you’ll begin saving money today!

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