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The Customer Journey with Seddon Homes Explained

Posted on July 29th, 2019

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned home shopper, it’s always nice to know what to expect from your home builder. So, here’s the customer journey with Seddon Homes explained.

Choosing Your New Home

Of course, your journey starts when you buy a new home with us! We supply all of the information that you might need to select the right home for you, from room dimensions to appliance specifications, and we also put you in touch with independent financial advisors. We clearly lay out the terms of your Reservation Agreement and make sure that you are aware of cancellation rights, plus answer any questions you have about your new home.

Adding a Personal Touch

Now that you have reserved your new home, you can customise features such as the kitchen units, worktops and bathroom tiles (subject to build stage). We offer a variety of colours and styles to give you maximum personalisation choice. This is definitely the bit where it all starts to feel real!

Meet the Builder

When you reserve before your new home reaches the plaster stage, you may be given the opportunity to meet the team who are working on the build. Now is your chance to ask any questions about the construction process and simply get to know the people responsible for building your forever home.

Keeping You Informed

Now that the build is in full swing, our team will be working hard on everything behind the scenes. We’ll keep you fully informed on how far along the build process your new home is, as well as when you can expect legal completion and handover to happen. Once the kitchen is fitted and all services have been connected, we’ll also provide you with written confirmation of your move-in date.

Access During Construction

Once the building has reached plaster complete stage and handrails have been fitted to the staircase (for your safety), you might be able to visit your home during construction! Please be aware that this is by appointment only. What’s more, this is not always possible due to health and safety concerns, but we will strive to make it possible wherever we can.

Home Demonstration

Once the contracts have been exchanged and the property has been signed off, your Sales Advisor will invite you to a demonstration of your lovely new home. This is where you will be guided around and shown how to find and use things such as the heating system and stop taps. The Site Manager will be present for this, so you can ask one final round of questions before the handover.

Home Handover

It’s finally time! The handover is – as the name suggests – the part where we hand over the keys to your shiny new home. Our Sales Advisor will contact you once everything is ready to go and meet you at the property. We will then read the utility meters, complete any necessary paperwork and hand you the keys. You will also receive appliance manuals, boiler guides, and a Welcome Pack.

Post-handover Check-up

7 days after completion, a member of our team will come over to check that everything is going well. They’ll also help with any issues you may have with working your new home’s gadgets. If you have any issues after this point, you can find contact information in your Welcome Pack.

Start your Own Customer Journey with Us

We hope that this has given you a better understanding of how we work and what you can expect when you buy a new home with us. And if you’re wanting to hop onto the property ladder or simply upgrade your current living situation, why not browse our stunning new build homes?

We have developments all across the north-west of England, and our range of house types means that you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. We hope to hear from you soon!

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