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How to Create a Zen Bedroom

Posted on August 2nd, 2018

What is Zen?

Before we can figure out how to make a Zen bedroom, we must first understand what the word actually means and where it came from. For starters, Zen is a Japanese word that roughly translates to ‘meditation’. It refers to a school of Mahayana Buddhism, and Buddhists practice Zen in order to achieve enlightenment, where one understands the true nature of themselves and the world around them, and enters a state of Nirvana. This is the ultimate goal of Zen teachings.

Despite there being a school on Zen Buddhism, there is actually very little information on how to achieve Zen. However, there seems to be a heavy focus on limiting distractions in order to focus on the task at hand, whatever that may be.

So, how do you create a Zen bedroom? Well, here are a few ideas from us based on the fundamental ideas of Zen Buddhism:

  1. Plants     Plants How to Create a Zen Bedroom

A huge element of Zen is to be one with the world around you. What better way to do that than with plants? They can bring a little bit of nature into your home and give a splash of colour to any room. We recommend houseplants that are easy to take care of, such as snake plants, cacti, peperomia, or spider plants.

  1. Neutral TonesHow to Create a Zen Bedroom Neutral Tones

This is a way to limit distraction. Bold, bright colours are very eye-catching and stimulating, so swapping out the neons for the neutrals will calm your mind. Try using soft browns, pale blues, or off-white colours to create a serene atmosphere.

  1. No MirrorsHow to Create a Zen Bedroom No Mirrors

There is a belief that mirrors are a high-energy item, and so having a mirror in your bedroom is supposedly bad for your energy. However, if you can’t bear to have a mirror in any other room but your boudoir, then you can simply cover the mirrors with a cloth while you sleep.

  1. Minimal DécorHow to Create a Zen Bedroom Minimal Decor

In order to focus the mind, it’s a good idea to have less decorations to distract you. Only have a few décor pieces on show in your bedroom so that your mind can rest and focus on what you really need it to.

  1. Minimise ClutterHow to Create a Zen Bedroom Minimise Clutter

Similar to the previous point, if you have a lot of items in your room, it will be harder to focus than it would be in a tidy room. Have a declutter session and consider donating any items that you no longer need. Only keep the essentials. This point also ties in very well with the monastic lifestyle of Zen Buddhists, as they are trained to realise the pointlessness of material possessions.

  1. Minimise NoiseHow to Create a Zen Bedroom Minimise Noise

We all know that it is easier to focus in a quiet place. However, it can be difficult to get some peace and quiet depending on where you live, and thus you have to think strategically. Soft fabrics act like a noise filter, so make sure your bedroom has a carpet or rug. Thick curtains will also help to limit outside noise.

  1. Natural ScentsHow to Create a Zen Bedroom Natural Scents

Our brain knows when something smells artificial. Harsh, chemical scents from things such as air fresheners can be quite jarring and distracting. Plus those chemicals can’t be doing much good for you! Instead, try using wax melts, candles, or essential oils to create a more calming setting.

  1. Soft LightingHow to Create a Zen Bedroom Soft Lighting

If your bedroom lights are too bright, then your brain will still think it is daytime at 2am. Not only is that bad for your brain, but also for your body – sleep deprivation is seriously damaging to you, so make sure you have appropriate lighting for the night-time. Survey your bedroom lights and see whether you could swap out the bulbs for lower energy ones. You could even invest in a dimmer light, which would allow you to easily change the brightness of the room.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post on how to create a Zen bedroom. Maybe you could incorporate some of these tips into your new Seddon home?

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