New build homes can save the planet and save your wallet!

Posted on May 20th, 2016


We’re fairly sure if we asked you whether you wanted to help the planet you would say yes. We’re also certain that if you wanted to do this and save some cash in the process then you’d say yes, probably louder than the first time. So how can you save both the planet and your wallet? The answer is simple — buy a new build home.

Stewart Baseley, HBF executive chairman states “new build homes are far more energy efficient than existing homes and so buyers can save a huge amount of money on running costs.” Isn’t this exactly what you wanted to hear?

It does make sense though. New build homes come with modern appliances that save more energy; they’re usually better insulated so keep warmer for less and the water usage is reduced by using smarter toilets and sinks. In fact, new build homes on average use 30% less water than older properties which saves up to £54 per year on your water bill.

Zero Carbon hub found that on average new build homes are 65% more energy efficient than Victorian style homes, which makes new build homes approximately 50% cheaper to run than older builds.

If we’re to put that into perspective, a 4 bed detached new build house could yield an annual saving of £1,410. Well that’s a holiday abroad, a deposit on a new car, a major shopping spree — we won’t labour the point, but it’s a massive saving! (Also, as it’s a new build, you won’t need to do up the garden or anything house related, so treat yourself!)

So if you’re in the 55% of people who consider the running costs when you buy a property, we don’t think you can afford not to buy new. For more information about our new build homes across the North West, Midlands and Yorkshire, pop down to your local development where one of our sales advisors will start you on your customer journey to your new Seddon home.


[Sources: HBF, Zero Carbon Hub, YouGov Plc.]

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