3 Great Ways to Buy at Caraway Green

Posted on June 17th, 2021

For most, your home is your biggest investment. And if you are considering your next – or even your first – step onto the property ladder, we have three great buying options for you at Caraway Green.

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You might have seen terms such as ‘Shared Ownership’ and ‘Discount to Market’, but what do they actually mean? And, are they right for you? If you are thinking home ownership might be a bit of a stretch for you, then we may have the solution for you.

Shared Ownership

There are two types of people that the Shared Ownership scheme typically suits. Those who are struggling to save a large deposit, or those who are unable to purchase a property upfront. With Shared Ownership, you can buy as little as 35% of the value of the home and pay rent on the remaining percentage. This means that you can pick how much of the home you wish to buy, making the total up-front cost a lot more flexible to suit your budget. You can increase your share over time, meaning that you can continue to further invest back into your property as and when you are able to save. Eventually, you could ‘staircase’ your way up to 100% ownership if you wish to do so. You must meet the eligibility criteria for Shared Ownership and other local connection criteria apply.

The Brierfield – 2 Bedroom Semi Detached House with Parking Spaces

Discount to Market

Discount to Market is the scheme available for those that meet the criteria for affordable housing. If you can demonstrate that you have a need for a home in a specified location, you could qualify for one of the plots available at 80% of the full market value. This scheme is designed to help first time buyers onto the property ladder, or families move into a larger home. The discounted price also applies when you sell your home and you must sell it to another buyer who meets the criteria.

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The Shelley – 3 Bedroom Semi Detached House with Parking Spaces

Open Market

Finally, Open Market. This is your traditional house buying option that you will probably be familiar with, whereby you will own your home outright – subject to any outstanding mortgage. We have a large number of plots available for Open Market and lots to offer to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. We have a whole section of our website dedicated to the ways that we can provide help and guidance, so be sure to have a read. Let us help you take the stress out of your house move!

The Marsden – 4 Bedroom Detached House with Parking Spaces

Now that you have picked the best scheme for you, it is time to check out all of the house types available at Caraway Green. Want to find out more or discuss your buying options? Why not call our Sales Advisor on 0845 456 3687 or submit an enquiry.

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