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Why should you buy a new build home rather than an older build one?

Posted on May 17th, 2016


Is a new build more cost effective?

If you opt to buy a new build home, you could already be saving yourself almost £45,000*. “How on Earth could this be true?” we hear you cry — well by not having to fork out for expensive repair work and upgrades, a new build home will see that you are better off.

If you were to upgrade an old house to a new build specification, you would need to consider: guttering and insulation — £9,500; redecorating — £4,800; re-wiring — £3,200; a new, modern bathroom — £4,500; getting double glazing windows and doors — £6,150; new flooring — £3,000; sorting the central heating — £4,400 and a new kitchen — £7,500, which soon adds up to the £45,000 mentioned earlier.

If, however you consider a new build home, these costs are factored into your new homes price, meaning you only need to worry about the fun stuff like furnishing, making your life much simpler.


What if something goes wrong with my home?

The avoidance of repair and upgrade work isn’t the only benefit when buying new: if your home for whatever reason encounters problems you are covered. Our 10 year warranty (from date of CML sign off), means you can buy new and in complete confidence that we will be there to help you throughout your customer journey, giving you peace of mind.


How do new build homes differ to older homes? A house is a house right?

Older houses simply do not have the specification of a new build, and that’s a fact. When new build homes are constructed, many more factors are taken into account than just the layout.

We consider the flooding and drainage, the foundations (many older houses didn’t even have foundations -OMG), we insulate your walls, windows and doors are double glazed for better insulation, the roof is more secure than older homes too.

By doing all of the above, new build homes are far superior to older builds. Another major benefit of buying new is the fixtures and fittings that come with them. You will have kitchen fittings, bathrooms, telephone lines, digital TV wiring and broadband.

Compare that to the old house you may have been thinking of and they are further added expenses.


What about the environment? How do new builds fair economically and environmentally?

Buying new is much cheaper and greener than other options you may have considered. By buying a new build, you’ll have an exceptionally high standard home that is energy efficient — which is great news for you. On average, new build homes in England and Wales are 65% more energy efficient than Victorian built homes. They have lower COemissions to save the planet, double glazed windows and doors that will reduce your heating bill, efficient boilers, water saving systems and quality insulation. By combining all of these, a new build home will save you money, keep you warmer and also help the planet — a winning combination in our eyes.


What else does buying new offer to me?

A new build is totally yours; you’re not dealing with botched DIY and streaky paintwork from the previous owner, it’s a clean start and you can make it entirely your own. You’ll get unbeatable prices and offers from us especially when you consider what you’re getting for your money! If you use Help to Buy or our other offers, buying a new build Seddon home gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

In most cases you’re not dealing with a chain, there’s much less hassle — you can move in once your home is finished and don’t need to wait for the existing owners to sell up which is fantastic (as your stress levels don’t need to rise.)

Due to the specification, you’re getting much more for your money as we’ve highlighted already. With things like integrated kitchen appliances, fridge freezers, modern bathroom suites and high specification kitchens included in a range of our homes, you really do get the most for your money when you buy new.

You also get peace of mind with buying new: the build quality is better than older houses, you get customer care and a 10 year warranty (from date of CML sign off) which allows your customer journey to be a smooth one.

So if you’re looking to get your money’s worth, in a greener and cheaper home that looks great and is structurally superior, we think you’ll want to buy a new build home from Seddon Homes.

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