How to host a sporting party in your new home

Posted on August 5th, 2016

Regardless of which sport you prefer, in the coming weeks there is plenty of sporting events to get excited about! The good thing about this is it’s a good excuse to get some friends around and watch the world’s leading athletes compete and have a bit of a party. But how do you manage to throw a mega, sport related party in your own home.

The first thing to cater for is drinks. We don’t mean sporting drinking games, although we’re sure they’re out there, but why not buy a range of beers from countries that are competing in various tournaments? We’re talking Budweiser for America, Fosters for Australia, Guinness for Ireland and Carling for Britain! Or why not just buy beers for the country your supporting?


Another key factor in your sports themed party is food. Again you could do foods from around the world and have them on display in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can colour code your food to your team — ok so there’s not much blue party food on the market for the Chelsea fans, so get creative with some food dye!

The sport event itself needs to be part of your event, so clear some space in the living room, throw down a few bean bags and connect the surround sound. Once you’re all together on the settee cheering on your team, you can watch uninterrupted sports and events almost all summer!

The most important thing to remember for your summer of sports is that fans make the event – so get your friends and family together, get creative and have a little Rio carnival in the comfort of your own home!

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