Seddon Homes’ Summer Film Home Inspiration Review 2016

Posted on September 2nd, 2016



Remakes, sequels and some highly anticipated movies have dominated the big screen so far this summer, but are you prepared for when they become available to watch at home? We’re going to look at our favourite 5 films from the summer and see how they could influence your new home.

#1 — Suicide Squad

Easily the most anticipated film of the summer, DC Comic’s Suicide Squad has got the lot – action, fun and a great storyline! However, with an IMDB rating of only 6.8 stars from a possible 10, you might be more tempted to wait for it to hit the DVD shelves than go to the cinema.

As is evident from the film poster and throughout, vibrant colours and personalities are key to nailing the Suicide Squad feel, so why not incorporate this into your new home? The green and purple are the trademark of the Joker, and whilst they may seem a bit garish, the colours do round off a room very well. In a pastel shade, these two colours work perfectly together and can help liven up any room.

Our Seddon Homes ranking of the Suicide Squad home inspiration scores a steady 7/10 for creativity.

#2 — Finding Dory

Ah, Finding Nemo, such a classic film that lives long in the hearts of anyone that’s seen it. So much so that Pixar opted to create a sequel focusing on the forgetful fish Dory. On a mission to find her parents, Dory sets out through the deep blue sea with some hilarious consequences the whole family will enjoy.

Being set in the sea and Dory being a blue fish, it only makes sense that the inspiration for your new home interior from this summer blockbuster is a deep shade of blue. Blue works in a fantastic amount of ways: you can use it to highlight other colours through the use of soft furnishings in your living room, to having a block statement wall of royal blue whilst the rest of the room is perfect white.

The bathroom is a great room for the use of blue – whether you lightly decorate it with towels and flannels or go all out and have an electric blue toilet seat and matching shower curtain — blue is a winner in the bathroom.

For sheer ease of use with other colours, we are giving the Finding Dory home inspiration a score of, um, what are we talking about? Oh yes, 8! 8/10!

#3 — The BFG

A remake of a classic, the BFG will win over families with ease. Whether you’re reliving your childhood by watching the remake or educating your children in what a classic film is like, the BFG is for everyone.

If you’re looking for an interior design idea that does the same, magnolia works exceptionally well. I know what you’re thinking, “that’s basically beige” however, if you use the right accents throughout your home, you can bring it to life!

Try pairing a vibrant blue with magnolia to add some colour to the room without being overbearing. Or even buy some pop art canvases and dot them around! (He says looking at his pop art bulldog canvas on a magnolia wall whilst writing this — it looks fantastic!)

Whichever way you decide to decorate your magnolia wall, it will always remain neutral and everyone in the family will enjoy it.

Seddon Homes home inspiration score for the BFG 6/10

#4 — Ghostbusters

Another massively anticipated film which is a twist on a classic, Ghostbusters offers fans plenty of inspiration for interior designs! Move over men, it’s time for the women to tackle the ghosts of Manhattan in this star studded action comedy!

Throughout the film there are ghosts which all have a hazy colour surrounding them, some are aqua coloured, some green and some white. These 3 colours in themselves offer a great range of interior design options whether mixed together or on their own.

If you’ve got a pine coloured cabinet that you want to bring back to life, why not buy some chalk finished paint and coat it in an aqua/turquoise colour. It adds a new dimension to the room and gives you the intrinsic glow of knowing you made something yourself!

Of course the uniforms and car in Ghostbusters are iconic and again offer some guidance for colours within the home: grey, red and white. These 3 colours work really well together, especially when white is used in the majority!

IMDB gave Ghostbusters 5.5/10 for the film, but we’re giving it a 7.5/10 for its interior design inspiration!

#5 — David Brent: Life on the Road

Finally, a film created by a man who can split the room: Ricky Gervais. Whether you love him or hate him, Gervais has a certain type of comedy that some people just can’t get enough of. Having left the office for fame and fortune as a rock star, Brent has, in his mind, hit the big time as he is being filmed touring the country.

However, it’s not all as it seems, as he has to delve into his pension to fund his dream. Fortunately, you don’t have to empty your savings for a more “Brentlike” home. By Brentlike we’re basically meaning colourful, which round about sums up the film for want of a better word.

Some would argue that you can’t ever have too much colour, especially in your home. For us, we embrace colour! Bold, striking patterns are fantastic if coupled with the right accompaniments. Intricate designs such as paisley can add a real essence of class to a home although sometimes, simple is better with block colours put together to brighten the room.

Whilst David Brent might not be onto a winner with his career, you can be with your interior design choices if you rock the right colours! David Brent: Life on the Road scores a Seddon Homes Inspiration score of 8.5/10.

If you want to start planning how to design the interior of your new home, pop down to your local Seddon Homes development where our Sales Advisors can start you on your customer journey!

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