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The iPad mini 4 has many features to keep you entertained at home this Christmas

Posted on December 4th, 2015


Are you looking for a fantastic gift this Christmas? If so, then Seddon Homes has just the answer for you! If you reserve a new Seddon home before the 18th of December, provided contracts exchange within 28 days and completion takes places no later than 31st March 2016, you will receive a brand new iPad mini 4 in time for Christmas.

Imagine all of the fun you and your family could have over the festive period with your brand new iPad mini. Here’s how the Seddon team think that you can make the most of your latest piece of technology in your new house this Christmas.


  • 3, 2, 1 say CHEESE

Christmas is a time for friends and family, so put the stresses and strains of work and modern living to one side.  Maybe it’s your first Christmas with a baby or you have family staying over and you want to record some special memories so what better way to do this than through photos and videos. Capture the smiles on everybody’s face whilst they eat lunch, play games and watch the Queens speech!

The iPad mini has an exceptional camera, you can edit your videos using clever apps so, as well as taking some pretty cool pictures in your brand new Seddon home, you can also take some videos, edit them and send them to friends and family who can’t be there.


  • The art of video chat

Video chat is a fantastic opportunity to connect with loved ones who can’t be with you over Christmas.  If you have friends or family all over the country or even the world then your iPad mini can help you share the day even though you are not in the same room!   With apps such as Facetime and Skype, your new iPad will allow you to chat in real time, open presents together, and even eat meals together at the touch of a button.

Also, why not record a Christmas message for them to open on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day?  This is particularly useful if your loved one lives in a different time zone – Guaranteed to put a smile on their face when they wake up just as you are going to sleep.  You can get the whole family involved and create a performance to be proud of.


  • Play the Christmas songs loud for all to hear

The iPad mini has a good sized memory which means it can store 1000’s of songs and it can also stream any song on the internet.  You can either connect it up to speakers or use Bluetooth wireless technology to create a lovely Christmas ambience in your home.

Play your Christmas songs throughout the day to get you in the festive spirit and maybe you could have a sing along with your guests.


  • It’s time to get competitive!

For those Christmas lulls after present opening or post meal, when you just want to sit and chill, the iPad mini 4 can offer you lots of gaming challenges.  There are literally thousands of clever apps for you to download and play either on your own or with your family.  If you need to keep the children entertained while you grab an hours peace then the IPad mini is a life saver.

There are football games such as Football Manager, general knowledge quizzes such as The Chase and virtual world apps like Minecraft which is very popular with adults and children alike.  There is even a home décor app which can help you choose colours to decorate your new home, how cool is that?


  • Chill with a movie

The Apple store has hundreds of up-to-date and old classic movies to choose from.  Whether you want to watch a Christmas classic or a modern box office hit, it’s completely up to you on the iPad mini 4.

You can also upload movies from your PC onto your iPad mini or you can stream in real time from the internet.  This is ideal if you want to watch a movie from the comfort of your bed or if you don’t want to watch the same film as everyone else, just pop your headphones in and off you go.


Seddon Homes is offering this really cool piece of kit for free if you reserve a superb new build house. You can even re-gift it to a loved one or have hours of fun using it yourself, it’s up to you.  Seddon Homes wants to reward you with a quality gift that matches the quality of the beautiful homes they produce – it’s sleek and modern in design, a quality finish and full of surprising extra features.

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