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The coolest interior pieces for children’s rooms

Posted on April 5th, 2018

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for all of the family, especially for children who can have fun choosing their room and maybe even new furniture!

We’ve given you a helping hand towards the coolest bedroom looks, with some of our favourites below.


  1. The rocket lamp ready for take off

This lamp pendant is super cool and kids will love watching it light up – don’t worry, it won’t fly away! If you already have furniture, this is a good way to let the kids accessorise their new room.

rocket lamp
  1. The coolest cabin bed

Kids love making dens and we all know how difficult it can be to get them to go to bed! This cabin bed is like a mini house, complete with a windowsill, curtains and handy storage drawers. It’s bound to help them get into bed on time, or even help transition them into sleeping in their new room or ‘big bed’ on their own.

  1. The fluffy cloud rug

This large cloud shaped rug is large and very soft. The best news? It’s machine washable, hoorah! It’s great for the kids to play on and you won’t have to worry about spillages on your new carpets!

  1. The jigsaw bookshelf

A bookshelf is a kids room essential. So why be boring? This jigsaw shape bookshelf is funky and might even encourage them to read more!

  1. The personalised rocking scooter

Forget the rocking horse, take a look at this personalised rocking scooter! Beautifully handcrafted and truly unique, this is a beautiful piece.

  1. The animal world map

This fun and colourful animal map poster is a great way for the kids to learn about different countries and the animals that live there. It will really liven up a blank wall, and there’s something different to notice every time you look at it!



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