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How to Decorate Farmhouse Style

Posted on October 7th, 2018

Farmhouse style is all about warmth, cosiness, and adding a touch of old school to modern homes. This design style is probably one of the easiest ones to curate, but also one of the easiest to completely miss the mark on; too much décor and you’ll get kitsch, too little and you’ll get rustic. However, once you’ve got the right balance, your home will have the perfect amount of countryside charm. We’ll show you how to decorate farmhouse style the right way.


How ot decorate farmhouse style white walls

Your walls should be either white or an off-white colour. Shades of cream, manila, or even a very pale, pastel colour would do. What you really want is for the colour of your walls to lighten the room and allow your farmhouse style décor to really take the stage. Avoid dark, saturated colours like navy or burgundy. White walls also give the perfect canvas for wall décor, such as vintage artwork, clocks or wall mounts.


how to decorate farmhouse style wooden floors

Wooden flooring is a big feature in farmhouse décor, as it relates to the exposed wood that you would find in an actual farmhouse. If you have hardwood floors, then you can decorate them with a soft, fluffy rug. This will add the perfect amount of farmhouse to your room by adding an element of cosiness. You want to make sure that the rug is also light and bright. Ideally, try to get a rug that matches the colour of your walls. This will help to tie everything together. For those with carpeted floors, just skip this step. You can still get the look without wooden floors.


farmhouse style furniture how to decorate farmhouse style

A massive part of farmhouse décor is dependent on the furniture. Think white, painted wood and vintage prints. Natural fabrics are a must with this style and cotton, linen and burlap material is often found to emphasise the ‘farm’ aspect. Another important thing about farmhouse is the lack of any harsh lines or edges. Couches, tables and other furniture pieces should all have soft lines and curved corners. This will help to give a more casual, soft look to the room that is synonymous with the style. Make sure to invest in some open shelving and cabinetry to show off your accessories.


farmhouse style decor

This is where you get to have fun. Farmhouse style accessories have only one rule: there have to be lots of them. You don’t want a room to look bare after all, so fill up sad, empty-looking areas with something nice. Collections are a staple in this design style and popular assortments include plates, silverware, family heirlooms and ornaments. Decorative trays can be used to group smaller things together and display cases are great for showing off a few, special items. Don’t forget to cosy up! Use pillows and throws as liberally as you like to emulate the warm character of old farm houses.


farmhouse style lighting

This one is a funny one, because a lot of the time, you don’t want too much lighting. Harsh lights can detract from the cosiness of the farmhouse style, so stick to lots of small lights instead of one big one. Lamps, candles, and small spotlights will do the trick. You can add these near seating areas to create a little nook for reading or watching TV. Just make sure you buy bulbs with a warm light to them, or else the effect just won’t be as comfortable.

General tips

The overarching theme with farmhouse is, above all, practicality. This totally makes sense since life on the farm has never really been cushy, therefore anything you bring into your home should be quite robust and sturdy. Avoid petite, dainty designs because these will look far too fastidious for the farmhouse style. It is for this reason that exposed brick and wood with a heavy grain works well. Another tip is to avoid making everything too curated. A little mismatching is good in this style – good news for those of you who don’t want to spend money on all new furniture! In summary, the farmhouse style is practical, natural and casual. Keep this in mind when decorating and you should be fine.


Having fun with Farmhouse style

We hope this guide has helped you better understand how to decorate farmhouse style. Interior decorating is probably the most fun part of owning your own home, and if you’re thinking of stepping onto the property ladder or simply moving elsewhere, then we have a great selection of new build homes to choose from. Our developments are in great locations near local amenities and you can count on the quality of our homes to carry you through the years.

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