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Incentives to help you buy your new home in Congleton

Posted on March 10th, 2017

If you’ve been searching for a new home in Cheshire, you will most likely have seen our development The Covey in Congleton along the way. A modern collection of 3 and 4 bedroom homes, The Covey is an excellent development located just off of Kestrel Close in Congleton.

We understand that although you’ve seen the home you want,  you may still be hesitant due to the costs involved when buying a home. Fear not, we at Seddon Homes want to help you get the home of your dreams, which is why we have a number of incentives and offers in place.

Help to Buy incentive Congleton Seddon Homes

Helping over 100,000 people in the UK in the first 3.5 years of existence, the Government backed Help to Buy scheme has been essential for people looking to buy their new home. The incentive works by the purchaser saving a 5% minimum deposit, which the Government then add to in the form of an equity loan by 20%.

This then means the purchaser only needs a 75% mortgage in order to own 100% of their new home! To put this into context, if you were to buy our 4 bedroom Brearley home, priced at £309,000, you would need to save a £15,450 deposit to qualify for the Help to Buy price, as opposed to the £30,900 standard 10% deposit without it!

Deposit Builder incentive Congleton Seddon Homes

Unique to Seddon Homes, Deposit Builder is a great incentive if you have not yet started saving for your deposit or it is slightly below the required amount.

It works by you selecting a plot which you would like to move into and then we will reserve it whilst you save for your deposit*. The best part of this incentive is that you won’t be alone — we will provide an Independent Financial Advisor to give you advice and help you reach your goal as quickly and easily as possible.

Select solicitor incentive Congleton Seddon Homes

For the conveyancing process, we can offer the services of a Seddon Homes referred solicitor.  By using a solicitor that we work with, the whole process is easier and more straightforward, as the solicitors we use are completely familiar with the Seddon process.

We won’t beat around the bush, there is a lot of legal procedures involved when buying your new home. We want to help make sure these procedures and documents are fully explained to you in an easy to understand way, to ensure the buying process is as smooth and simple as possible.

We also offer a price match guarantee* on our solicitors, so should you find the same service for less, we’ll refund you the difference

Sale away incentive Congleton Seddon Homes

On certain plots in Congleton, we will offer our SaleAway scheme to help you get moved in as quickly as possible.

SaleAway helps you to move quicker as we will assist you in the sale of your current home and we’ll even cover your Estate Agent’s costs when you buy from us and use the incentive!

SaleAway takes the stress out of selling your home so that you can focus on the future in your new Seddon home.

To find out which incentives you are eligible for and how you can use them to move into your new home in Congleton, visit the development today and speak to our trained Sales Advisor.


*Ts & Cs apply to all of our incentives. Please speak to your Sales Advisor for full details.

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