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World Cup 2018 Quarter Final Check List

Posted on July 5th, 2018

As practically the whole of England settles down to watch the World Cup 2018 quarter final match, it is important to plan ahead to make the most of this huge event. It only happens once every 4 years, after all.

Since you won’t be moving for about 2 hours, we decided to put together the ultimate checklist to ensure that you can sit back and enjoy the World Cup. Here’s everything you’ll need:

  1. An England shirt

Obviously.   world cup 2018 quarter final check list an england shirt

  1. A comfy seat

Like we said, you will be sitting down for quite some time. Make sure you enjoy the game and pick a comfortable seat. If you’re watching the game in a pub or bar, then this may be difficult. Bar stools never were great to sit on. cup 2018 quarter final check list a comfy seat

  1. Face paint

Whether you like it not, someone has to have the flag painted on their face. It’s cup 2018 quarter final check list face paint

  1. Some snacks

Be it a massive takeaway, or just a packet of crisps, no game would be complete without snacks. Make sure you’re well-stocked ahead of the match. Consider pre-ordering so that you know everything will be ready in cup 2018 quarter final check list some snacks

    1. Cold drinks

It’s hot outside, and even if you’re indoors, the BBC predicts that this heatwave will continue for another 2 weeks! Stay safe and stock up on ice cold beverages, whether they be alcoholic or not… although you can never go wrong with beer.

world cup 2018 quarter final check list cold drinks
    1. Good company

It may be cheesy, but the game will be made even better with good company. Call over some friends to watch the match – you can all (hopefully) celebrate cup 2018 quarter final check list good company

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy the World Cup 2018 and wish the best of luck to England!

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