6 money saving tips to redecorate your new home on a budget

Posted on March 24th, 2016


Great, you’ve got your house, but now you may be a little short when it comes to adding your own stamp to it! How are you going to afford to decorate it? You can’t stay on the deckchairs in the lounge regardless of how much of a money saving idea it seems!

Don’t despair just yet, we’ve got some super saver tips for furnishing your home on a very tight budget.

According to thinkmoney.co.uk, you can furnish your entire home for just £1,500 and this is very feasible using our advice.

Some people fear Ikea (the self-service warehouse can be quite a daunting place) but shops like Ikea  and Wayfair often have seasonal ranges that at this point in the year are going into sale.

So there’s tip #1 — hit the sales…hard! As we transition into spring/summer you can redecorate nearly every room on a much smaller budget. Plus, no-one will know it’s last season’s product range so it’s a win-win really.

Tip #2 is probably a given, but if you’re flying the nest from your parents, move your stuff over with you! If you’re moving out it’s probably to stand on your own two feet, so you can probably sacrifice your old room at your mum and dad’s.

We know it can be hard giving up your room, especially if it’s going to become a sibling’s room or your dad’s transforming it into a gym, but you can pull the posters off the wall and move your cabinets, beds, TVs and anything else into your new home and save.

Family members may also offer furniture that they’ve got lying around that they don’t use or need so this can help to ease your redecorating budget fears.

Our tip #3 is a great money saver; shop second hand. Ok so someone else may have used it, but second hand shops can be a gold mine for furniture.

Furniture ends up in second hand shops for all kinds of reasons, maybe someone is downsizing and doesn’t need it anymore, so you can get some real bargains if you shop around.

Tip #4 follows on nicely from shopping in second hand shops and that’s to get social. If you search around on Facebook and Twitter, you will probably find your local area has a “Buy, Swap or Trade” page where you do exactly as it says.

There may not always be furniture and you’ll have to be quick but this can definitely save you pennies.

If your area doesn’t have a social media page for this, check out Freecyle in your area which is the same concept but not on social media.

If you don’t want your second hand furniture from tips 3 and 4 to look second hand, then tip #5 is your chance to get creative. Upcycling is a great, modern way to improve the look of older looking pieces of furniture.

Whether you reupholster a settee in denim from old jeans or bleach strip a wooden chest to give it a weathered look, your level of creativity shapes the way you decorate your home and also saves you money by not buying new.

Finally, tip #6 is all about auctions. Whether it’s eBay, Gumtree or a live furniture auction, they can be a great way to make ends meet when redecorating, but you’ll have to be on the ball as it’s likely you won’t be the only one watching these items.

There you have it, 6 great money saving tips to decorate your new home on a budget. If you have any saving tips of your own, please share them in the comments!

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