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Fun Easter arts and crafts ideas

Posted on April 15th, 2019

With Easter quickly approaching, you’re probably thinking of ways to entertain the little ones over the holidays. Well, fear not, because we’ve got some fun Easter arts and crafts for you to try.

Egg painting

A classic Easter activity that allows your children to get creative – and a little messy! To do this, simply buy some papier-mâché eggs, a few different colours of acrylic paint, some paintbrushes and paint holders. This is bound to be a fun activity for young children and you can even decorate the house with your little ones’ spectacular creations.

Easter masks

Using some plain masks that you can buy from any crafts store, let the kids run wild with felt, paper, feathers and glue to create their very own Easter-themed mask. You can help them to make bunny ears out of card, or generously apply feathers to the mask and create a spring chicken. The possibilities are endless.

An Easter egg hunt

For this one, you’ll have to do the crafting whilst the kids enjoy the treasure hunt. But what’s Easter without an egg hunt?! Get creative and come up with clues, leading your little ones on a fun-filled adventure in the search for chocolate eggs. They’ll love it and you get to see their excited little faces.

Make some cakes

Move the Easter activities into the kitchen and bake some delicious cakes. Baking Mad has a fantastic chocolate nest cake recipe for you to follow. Remember to buy spring chick cake toppers and plenty of mini eggs, since you’re going to need a lot of them.

Paper Easter baskets

Why buy Easter baskets when you can have way more making them? Kids can get crafty with their baskets and apply fathers, glitter, or whatever else they fancy, and then go on an Easter egg hunt with the basket that they made. If you need some inspiration for making your own, here’s a simple guide on paper Easter basket construction.

Easter cards

Nice and simple, but still super fun – cards! Get a few pieces of pastel card stock, load up on pom poms, feathers, glitter, pens and glue, and let the kids make some lovely Easter cards for their friends and family. Even if they don’t end up being used for the holidays, you’ll still have some great creations to stick up on the fridge.

Origami animals

If your kids are more tween-aged and need a bit of a challenge, why not make origami rabbits and chicks? There are plenty of guides online showing you how to do it. Once you’ve made a few, you could even string the paper animals together and create a kind of origami banner to use for decorating the home.


With the past trend of adult colouring pages, we think it’s safe to say that everyone loves colouring in. So, for a fun and stress-free activity, simply print off some Easter colouring pages, supply your kids with ample pens and pencils, and you’re done!

Will you try one of these Easter arts and crafts ideas?

We hope this blog gave you a few great ideas to entertain the kids with over the Easter break.

Seddon Homes wish you all a very happy Easter!

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