Safe, secure and social — life at The Bowling Green 55 in Stretford

Posted on April 4th, 2016

At 91, birthday girl Jessie Hamburger is the life and soul of The Bowling Green 55 as well as being the longest serving occupant. She used to work as a District

specifically for over 55s, she loved the idea and put her name down for a spot there and then.

By part exchanging her house against a plot at The Bowling Green 55, Jessie believes it was a much easier process as she didn’t have to worry about fees or selling her home herself — and it allowed for a hassle-free move.

As Jessie was the first to move into the development, she waited in excitement for the other new home owners to populate the hallways.

When asked to describe The Bowling Green 55, Jessie likened it to feeling “like a family” and it is easy to see why.

A family looks out for each other and makes sure everyone is included and cared for, which was a key message from Jessie. She said that there’s always someone to talk to downstairs in the lounge where she regularly retires to with a book in the afternoon.

Another aspect that Jessie highlighted was the security and safety. A large factor in making the site feel secure is the good relationship with In-house manager, Ian Bourne, who makes sure all of the residents are looked after and have everything that they want and need.

Nurse in Urmston and is now enjoying her retirement in the comfort of a thriving community.

Jessie passed the site when building had just begun and was intrigued to find out more. When she discovered it was to provide homes

“I couldn’t ask for a better manager,” was the high praise given by Jessie.

With no maintenance fees or redecoration costs, The Bowling Green 55 is a very affordable option allowing residents to focus on their apartment’s interior whilst the building’s exterior is taken care of.

The local Community Support Officer regularly pops in to check on the residents, listen to any concerns that they may have and keeps them up to date on the local area.

There is comfort in knowing that there is always someone around and the locked front door allows residents to feel at ease, adding to the secure feeling.

Jessie says that she loves her apartment and especially the way the sunshine fills her lounge in the summer through her large windows. She also likes to relax on the patio downstairs in the sun and watch the bowls being played next door.

“I would definitely recommend The Bowling Green to anyone looking to move,” commented Jessie; which is understandable, once you witness first-hand the community feeling amongst the residents.

There is something going on most weekends in the communal lounge with Fridays recently starting to host exercise classes. But for those who do not want to be so active, the lounge is filled with books that have been donated by residents once they’ve finished them.

The community at The Bowling Green 55 is a very easy one to integrate into according to Jessie. This is made easier by a lot of socialising in the communal lounge. At Easter for instance, the residents will get together for drinks and nibbles and let their hair down.

For Jessie’s birthday, the residents organised a surprise party in the lounge where there was food, drink and even the local banjo man!

The Bowling Green 55 helps to relieve any fear of loneliness which Jessie feels she would have if she still lived in a house.

“I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else,” concluded Jessie.

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